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  • Prepare your own hardware wallet for valuable asset management!
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보안을 위해 새로운 D'CENT는 반드시 초기화 프로세스를 거쳐야합니다.

How to setup
디센트 구성품 사진. 환영카드, 유저 매뉴얼, 복구 카드, Micro USB케이블, D'CENT
Technical Specification
CPU STMicro Cortex M4 100Mhz
Memory 1.0MB Flash
Secure Element NXP P60 (EAL5+)
Fingerprint Sensor Capacitive Touch Sensor
509 dpi Resolution
160 x 160 Pixels With 8 bit Depth
Battery Li-ion Polymer 585mAh 3.7V
Input Voltage 5.0V
Bluetooth Frequency 2360 ~ 2460 MHz
Size 4.3 x 7.7 x 1.1cm
Weight 36g / 1.27oz
Working Temperature 0~40℃
Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth 5.0
(BLE 4.1 Nordic)
USB OTG Full speed / Micro USB 5Pin
Country of origin Made in Korea